Dam! that’s cool… (2nd largest dam in Asia, the San Roque Dam)

When typhoons ‘Pedring’ and ‘Quiel’ poured heavy rain over Luzon in a week, the San Roque Multi-Purpose Dam Project (SRMDP) opened one of its six spillway gates on September 29, 2011.

Dam authorities explained that the spill from San Roque was a preemptive move to avoid a sudden discharge that could bring about a flash flood as it did in 2009 when the water release destroyed the flood control dike in Carmen, Rosales and other parts of Pangasinan, devastating residential houses, business establishments, and agricultural farms. (“San Roque dam release hardly felt” @ sundaypunch.prepys.com, October 2, 2011)

Mid of 2011, the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council has belied public perception of always putting the blame on the San Roque Multi-Purpose Dam Project for all the floods happening in Pangasinan citing nine (9) rivers drain to said province during rainy season.

San Roque Dam is the second largest dam in Asia. It does not sits on top of a fault line so it is not vulnerable to earthquakes says the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology.

Allayed of ‘earthquake fears’ and with the help of a Pangasinense friend, my family was able to dipped into the clear water flowing from San Roque Dam last summer.

I couldn’t count how many times my son took the ‘wide slide’.

My wife and my youngest son seated on the ‘toblerone’.

My son demanded for his first solo with mountainous background.

Unfortunately, this beautiful swimming spot will soon cease. The San Roque Dam Re-Regulating Pond (see the construction of barriers at the background) is being undertaken till 2013. The re-regulating pond will soon store the water being discharged by San Roque Dam that may engulfed the ‘toblerone’.

But don’t worry, this swimming spot is only the tip of the iceberg. If I just have a 4×4, I could have brought my family atop the dam facility where beautiful views awaits. This is my Pangasinense friend Jerry Dacusin and my beautiful godchild Louella during one of their visits.

If you are into bird watching, “A REMARKABLE VISIT TO THE SAN ROQUE DAM” from the eBON,  the online newsletter of the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines will give you excitement.

Why not make the San Roque Dam a side trip of your vacation to Baguio which my family did. Below is the video of that memorable plunge to the clear water of San Roque Dam.

To the kid who asked me to take this shot, I hope you remember my name.