My wife’s first clean-up drive and my son’s first climb.

I forgot to cite in my earlier article “Mountain and Kids” that the three years old Juls Marley Rabanillo participated on a clean-up drive on our descent from the summit of Mt. Sto. Tomas. My second climb with Marley was at Mt. Tagapo in Binangonan, Rizal. It was the second mountain for my wife Rowena, and the first for my oldest son Aaron. When two of my three sons saw the pictures of my first climb with Marley, they insisted to join the next. But my second son, though older than Marley at age five, needs preparatory training so I decided to familiarize first his 11 yrs old brother. (Joke of numbers 🙂 )

My son’s first climb almost became a disaster when I forgot my camera’s memory. Good thing the EDSA-Crossing terminal has some cellular phone stores nearby. From that starting point, we took the jeepney for the port of Binangonan. Next was an hour and a half ferry to Brgy. Janosa.

Although our team leader Nico Waya Rabanillo once climbed Mt. Tagapo before, we arranged for a guide because we have three children in our group and trail to base camp has some forks.

Frankly, I almost got into tears when I took this shot, so happy.

She asked for this, of course for Facebook. (Though next time I will check the clothes she will pack, camouflage not advisable! 🙂 )

Can’t wait to complete this with my other two sons.

If not for the fish pens, this view would be like ‘Batanes-que’. (click the picture to enlarge)

A paradise Php 71.00 away from Manila. (click the picture to enlarge)

Aside from imparting her the LNT principles, my wife heeded when I told her our group have to do clean-up. Her smile describes her willingness.

I really love this kid Marley, we were leaving Mt. Tagapo but look at him (in the middle) still looking on his beloved mountain.

(Click the picture below for itinerary & information of Mt. Tagapo, from the Philippines’ hiking and mountain climbing guide site