“Cheap Camera, Priceless Memories.”, the Preamble.

It feels like going back to first day of school. This second post actually serves as my first (try). I even started at the draft and not its title. Then I remember my blog name “Cheap Camera, Priceless Memories.” I first used my only camera, a Fujifilm A170 point-&-shoot, on the second birthday of my youngest son celebrated at SM Megamall last December 28, 2010. We went to Goldilocks Bakeshop for our lunch, my wife (the one holding the camera on the mirror background), my mother (reflected also on the mirror), this happy father on the left, birthday boy Adrian, my niece Francesca, and my sons Aaron and Jonmer.

This post is short but is DEDICATED for my three sons. I have to go home and show them the first blog of their papa. One thing for sure, they will all smile at the pictures even though they seen it many times already.