History Channel’s program schedule is full of “9/11”. The Philippines is 8,506 miles / 13,689 km away, with such, two great Filipino traits still towers today – loving and caring, both significant to Grandparents Day celebrated every first Sunday of September not concomitant that this year falls on the 11th.

I am posting this gallery where I got my header picture, dedicated for all grandparents. More often than not, they serve as the sunrise to toddlers, even to grown-ups, giving brightness to one’s personality and character. Don’t bring them down by crashing into them our unmindful acts.


Taken from the shore of Panglao Island, Bohol. (Click the link for Panglao Island Travel Guide.)

8 comments on “REMEMBERING…

  1. Ang bigat naman ng titulong binigay mo, Jon. Amateur (with a poin-and-shoot) photographer lang tayo. Pero salamat parin. Don’t hesitate to ask something about blogging, by the way, just in case …

  2. sir you inspired me a lot with your blog “Cheap camera priceless memories” hindi mo na kailangan ng magandang camera, important is you can document about your adventures and bonding with your family nice blog:) keep blogging sir

    • thank you sir, unfortunately two months lang po yata ang ‘blog’ ko (sinubukan lang po kasi) but buhay pa naman tayo so sooner eh magkaroon din ng time, busy sa work & 3 kids, pregnant pa si misis. (you have a nice blog ha, maganda, God bless sa outdoors)

      yup, para sa katulad kong cant afford sa DSLR eh may way pa to document, sana makabili din after 3 years šŸ™‚

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